Posted by: anidara | March 29, 2009

HH Penor Rinpoche Hears Jetsunma’s Music


When the renowned lama Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje visited KPC in 1992, he sat down to listen to Jetsunma’s music. His response was joyful. He remarked that even though the music was in a modern form, what she was doing was utterly traditional. He explained that when the Buddha’s teachings come to new lands, the first to arrive are the dakinis (female embodiments of enlightened energy). And they sing. Their voices may sound somewhat unusual to our ordinary ears, but he said that the vibration softens our hearts and minds, and prepares the way for us to reach higher wisdom.

Posted by: JC | March 25, 2009

Getting it done 2

Once the walls and ceiling were in place, David Anderson single handedly put in the AC, electric and carpet in one week…he rocks!

Posted by: JC | March 25, 2009

Getting it done

Maryland Music Studio coming along…the studio itself has actually been completed and pictures are soon to follow. 🙂

Posted by: JC | March 14, 2009

Ah…a glorious day indeed

And the gang’s all here :). From left to right: John Rock, Gonpo Yeshe, Sonja, Christine, Ani Dolma, Tashi Dawa, Rabden, Branch, Matthew Rock, Jampal, and Nelson (the truck driver–and he was fab!). Ani Sonam was on site for a brief time and took a few pics. Ani Dawa was our famous recorder with these pictures as well as more detailed pictures of the materials for documentation. (she did help unload a few panels as well, just for the record).

Posted by: JC | March 14, 2009

Next steps

Busy with discussion, that is John Rock on the left, Vice President of Rock Material Handling, Inc. and father to Matthew discussing installation with Ani Dolma and Rabden. Folks, there are no words to describe the niceness and professionalism of this fella. He and Matthew are absolutely delighted to be helping us with Jetsunma’s music studio.

Posted by: JC | March 14, 2009

Girl Power!

And the girls worked today too! (Ani Dolma is behind Christine, if you look hard enough, you can see her red cap :))

Posted by: JC | March 14, 2009

It took team work

It took team work today to get the truck up the hill, and the building off loaded. We were overwhelmed with joy. And that’s right folks, Sonja and Christine all the way from Australia! Thank you so much to all the Aussies for the glorious day!

Posted by: JC | March 14, 2009

Unloading piece by piece

We unloaded the truck piece by piece…that is the infamous Branch Echols on the truck. We love him! If you don’t know Branch, then you’re missing something special. Thank you Branch! A construction, engineer, surveyor himself, Branch specifically took the afternoon off today to help us with this most auspicious occasion.

Posted by: JC | March 14, 2009

Man of many traits

There is the hero of today, Matthew Rock. Thank you Matthew!!

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