Posted by: anisonam | May 20, 2009

Musicians in town!

The musicians, Tex, Jimmy and Lewis had fantastic timing.  They all arrived in time to meet Dragmar Tulku, who was in town to give teachings at Kunzang Palyul Choling, Jetsunma’s temple in Maryland.



Here Lewis, Jimmy and Tex get a lesson from Ani Dolma in presenting the traditional scarf to the spiritual teacher, or Lama, in preparation for their meeting with Dragmar Tulku.


Jimmy receives a blessing from Dragmar Tulku

Lewis receives his blessing

Tex receives his blessing.


The band tell their stories to Rinpoche while Tashi Phyllis (their tour guide for the temple trip) looks on.

Dragmar Tulku Rinoche enjoys the musicians stories, and asks if they would play with him in India!




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